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Seasonal Gear Guide

What to Wear for Outdoor Activities Throughout the Year

By Cameron Bissell

Unless you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to live in a place with the same weather all year long, you are already aware that seasons dictate our clothing choices. We also already understand that the recommendations for winter in Bangor, Maine, will be different than our Christmas best in Key West; however, the logic behind the clothing decisions remains the same, and we will provide an example of a piece of clothing that promotes that line of thinking.

At Wilding Life, we understand that having the right clothing for the season will make all the difference when you enjoy the woods, water, or just a walk outside. Not preparing for the weather can lead to some unpleasant days and, in some examples listed below, will leave you reaching for the first aid kit. Let's dress for the weather and dive into what to wear for outdoor activities throughout the year.


Spring can be the first chance for many outdoorsmen to get outside and see the sun. The increased sunlight and temperatures motivate us to get outside to pick ramps, chase turkeys, or fish the lakes before the beaches fill up. That said, there is plenty of uncertainty with the spring season. Rain and cold mornings can shift rapidly to full sun and heat. Having a lightweight moisture-wicking material for a top is an ideal base layer for spring. Combining sun protection with the ability to shrug off an April shower will keep you warm and focused enough to enjoy the Mayflowers or Mayfly hatch, depending on how you fish.

The long-sleeved performance tee is a great option for spring, especially for water-based sportsmen who want the combination of sun protection and added sleeve length for warmth. The thin material also pairs well under a jacket or hoodie if needed.



With summer in full swing, the sun's rays are at their strongest. Keeping your skin covered may not show off your beach body, but it will keep your skin from tan to lobster red. Hats are one of the best options for keeping the sun off your noggin while also providing increased clarity for your sight by shading your eyes.

Lightweight performance tees are an excellent option for sun coverage. Like their appeal in spring, the advantages are still a bonus in summer; a word of advice: pick lighter colors in summer to reduce the sun heating up clothing.

The Florida Shark Patch Trucker Hat for sun protection is an awesome hat choice; made with a mesh back, these trucker caps offer plenty of breathability while keeping the sun off your face.


      Fall means deer, fish migrations, and football. This transitional season also means that warm mornings can slip away, and chilly evenings can make afternoon fishing trips into bone-chilling boat rides. Having layer-able clothing that can be rolled up and down as the weather and wind dictate is key for fall sportsmen.

      A lightweight, long-sleeve base layer like the “Gone Fishing” shirt provides warmth and the ability to push the sleeves up when the sun is shining.


        Even in the southern end of Florida, winter is still the coldest part of the year, and staying warm is everyone's focus. Layers that provide insulation from the wind and cold are ideal. While one giant warm layer is tempting, opting for multiple layers so you can remove or add layers based on your movement is wise. Hiking to the tree stand will keep you warm, but the added layer stuffed in your pack will go a long way when it's time to sit still for a couple of hours.

        The Backyard to Backwoods hoodie is an excellent option as an outer layer or mid-layer for cold weather. The added hood will keep wind and snow off your neck and head while keeping your ears plenty warm.

          Dressing for the weather is simple enough. That said, we always have that one day when we can't do it right. Wilding Life believes that everyone should be outside enjoying and protecting the places they love. We donate to conservation groups protecting our public lands and restoring our oceans with every item purchased. There is no better way to make memories than to get out there and do it, and just like your mom may have said, "Don't forget an extra layer; it's colder than it looks outside."


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